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Diana Vitantonio

Breathless Yoga
Creator + Soul Activist
Sacramento, CA
To me, Breathless means many things. Breathless is the point of change. It’s been my greatest tool in training myself to be courageous enough to stay in my body no matter how intense the feeling and not push it away, distract it away, numb it away or try to change it, period. This has served me well both on the mat and in my life. 

Breathless has been my guiding force towards self esteem and it has proven itself worthy of that acknowledgment. Breathless has made me strong AF.

Breathless is the place where I become reshaped everyday, both inside and out. Breathless is accessible for all bodies. I started when I was not strong at all.

Breathless is the choice to RISE and reclaim your soul.  

This is not a phase. 

This is a lifestyle.